Frequent Class List

Introduction to Meditation

In daily life, our attention is often dispersed. We may regret the comment we made yesterday or worry about getting the project done on time. We may also be overcome with disparaging thoughts about ourselves. The starting point is simply noticing what is happening right now. Meditation familiarizes us with a new way of perceiving, and it changes human connections, including our connection with ourselves. Taking care of how our mind functions is an essential component of well-being.

Compassionate Mind Training

This class is based on the research of Paul Gilbert, Ph.D., and emphasizes how cultivating kindness toward ourselves enhances brain functioning. Compassion research demonstrates both that we have tricky brains and that we are socially shaped. Many of us contend with a harsh inner critic, which can undermine our motivation and interfere with our ability to focus. We might be afraid we’re not good enough or doubt our worthiness. Becoming aware of these internal processes and how they shape our experience is the beginning of compassionate mind training.